Starring the X-men

X-Men Apocalypse

it shows a character holding a skull with the movie title: X-men Apocolypse


{This movie takes place back in the 80's, where all the x-men had seperated. Quicksilver, Mystique, Beast, and Teleporter all set off on a journey to defeat Magneto. They have to use porfessor X' powers to find Magneto who is formed with the ancient beasts that have extrodinary powers. Once they get there, unexpected events happen. Everything starts to fall apart. Very little hope is being give. Professor X is able to locate this ancient god, and tries to control him, but the god is able to take him out of his state and to him. Without the professor the x-men are clueless. THe only way to find him is to track the god. THey find him and magneto who refueses to come down. THey finally convince him to get out. Using teamwork, they are able to find and defeat him in the end battle}


{THis movie was great. THe character compelled nicely. THe art of teamwork is shown greatly and it shows that when we put of minds to something we an succeed in the end. It shows that hope is not taken away, which is a very good life lesson for different people. We have to discover oursleves and help others. Working together is sometimes what we have to do to solve a problem. Overall this was a good movie}

10 out of 10